Building August Fiorin

Building August Fiorin has been a labor of love from day one.  It’s carried us all over the world seeking out the best manufacturers, the best textiles, the best artisans and the best resources possible to create the finest garments in made-to-measure suiting. We knew we could not and would not build it any other way.  Our lengthy search landed us in Europe for every single aspect of our collection, a point of value of which we are extremely proud. We refined and redefined what was possible and ultimately felt confident to stake my name and our reputation on the product we deliver.  August Fiorin is truly a combination of classic time-honored traditions in menswear suiting, manufacturing, and state-of-the-art, precision technology coupled with the finest fabric and heritage mills in the industry.  This means our clients profit from our integrity and civic responsibility to deliver the highest quality product in the made-to-measure suiting market. Your looking good makes us look good. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

We recently shot our latest campaign that you’ve already seen on the home page and we must thank the people responsible for making it a success:

THANK YOU Lionel Deluy aka Yoda, our photographer and his unparalleled team bringing to life a vision of the brand; Melody Thornton , our stunning model; Jannik Olander of Nialaya for his beautiful jewelry and Cyia Batten, Creative Director of August Fiorin, for letting us invade her house for this shoot.  We are thrilled to have your talents support us in the launch of our brand.  A heartfelt thank you to all.