has launched.

Made to Measure: It has been said that “one does not travel simply to arrive” but with that said, it sure does feel good to get there. I am proud to say that at long last, has launched.

Made to measure suiting

As many of you know, August Fiorin has been a labor of love and at times a great source of frustration over the past three years. Many times during the three years, the launch date was pushed back because we felt we could do better in the quality of the product that we were delivering. We felt a civic responsibility to provide something that was worth owning and spending your hard-earned money on.
In order to accomplish that, Cyia and I literally traveled the globe in search of the best fabrics, mills, manufacturers and craftsman and we are very proud to say that we found them.

As the founder, it’s always been very important to me that I release a brand of the highest quality as well as integrity in terms of where and how our collection was manufactured. I can say with the utmost confidence that we have made a fantastic product worth owning and on equal footing with the top men’s luxury and formalwear brands. I am wildly proud to share it with you. The site will see further upgrades over the next few weeks with numerous additions to our collection as well as accessories over the course of the next year, but for now, the doors are open for business! If you are looking to buy a suit or tuxedo anytime in the future, I would suggest signing up for the newsletter within the next 48 hours to receive a 25% discount redeemable at any time.

With tremendous gratitude, I thank my talented team from here in Los Angeles all the way to Greece and it is with great pride that I invite you and welcome you to August Fiorin.

Anthony Fiorin