August Fiorin’s first photoshoot of 2015

Last Summer August Fiorin had its first photo shoot for its long-awaited product release of its men’s Ready-to-Wear & Formalwear Collection. We had worked exhaustingly to finish our pieces, do a photo shoot and deliver images that would help define the brand and to begin the additionally long and exhausting process of building a website that turned into two more photo shoots. Needless to say, our hard work paid off, and the site launched a few weeks ago.

I might add that our web developers in Greece worked tirelessly to deliver our collective vision of the brand. They have been with me on this since day one and the level of their contributions are realized and appreciated. We also felt an obligation to show everyone that had encouraged us on social media what we had been doing, and we thank them for giving us an indirect kick in the butt. All of that planning and developing culminated into that first photoshoot with my dear friends Lionel Deluy and John DeVoe. I’d like to thank Lionel Deluy, my personal Jedi Master and good friend and our first model for August Fiorin my also now good friend, John Devoe. John was on board before we had any images to share to explain the brand. He had faith in a total stranger approaching him in a dark parking garage asking him if he’d be interested in modeling menswear. To his credit, he graciously entertained the thought and opened the idea up to discussion. And the rest, as they say, is history. An annoying clich√© but appropriate for this post. Once again, thanks, John DeVoe for having faith in me and that I wasn’t going to ask you to shoot in your drawers though that may happen down the road;)

I might add that I also met Lionel Deluy under similar circumstances but instead of a dark parking garage I met him in a dark urine reeked East Los Angeles alleyway. I think I see a pattern developing. And last but certainly not least, Co-Creative Director Cyia Batten, who has traveled tirelessly all over the world by my side to realize the brand story, voice, vibe, designs and visuals of August Fiorin. Her contributions and input have been indispensable, flawless and deeply appreciated. And with that I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

Happy Holidays,
Anthony Fiorin