It’s been said that if you want something done well, you have to do it yourself… And so we did.

August Fiorin is the new order in luxury menswear. We are the island amidst this sea of uninspired made-to-measure suiting. We looked at the market and knew you deserved better than what is out there: no more basic suiting, no more substandard quality, no more pretend-personalized pieces. We offer you exclusive, one-on-one VIP service and our suits actually live up to that standard.

 We come to you, we work specifically with you to design the suit you’ve been looking for, we personalize every aspect of it and we see the process through until you’re ready to hit the town in your customized suit.

We keep all your measurements on file for easy and efficient reordering and you even get your own private online account to order at your leisure until your closet is complete. European-made, from fabric to finish, you will not find a better made-to-measure suiting experience out there. We’ll make you look good.
Suit up. Stand out.
August Fiorin bio

Anthony Fiorin

 CEO & Creative Director

Anthony Fiorin is an Italian-American mountaineer, photographer, film producer, motorcycle enthusiast, and humanitarian who has traveled the world. Efficiency, functionality and style are key to his lifestyle. It was during a trip abroad when Anthony realized there is a defecit of customized luxury menswear brands that cater toward the needs of the multi-faceted and busy individual. A menswear company that makes it easy for you to look your best, no matter where in the world you are, is essential. Indiana Jones by day, James Bond by night, Anthony knew there must be a way to meld function and fashion, which is precisely what inspired him to build August Fiorin.

Having already tackled bucket list items like climbing Mt. Everest, starting Humanity For Change, a charity organization that has brought aid to people all over the world, producing his first film, and building a successful service company from the ground up, Anthony knew that this would be his next step: building a brand that exemplified standards he reveres. Integrity, efficiency, transparency, philanthropy, quality, craftsmanship and luxury are the mainstays of the August Fiorin brand.

It’s for him, it’s for you, it’s for life.

Anthony Fiorin