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We know how busy you are and that every minute of your day counts. Therefore, to schedule an appointment and begin fitting you for your custom suit, we require a $150 deposit for all appointments. a $600 minimum purchase is required for in home/office appointments. The deposit amount is deducted from the total cost of your suit at final payment.


The first appointment will take a minimum of thirty minutes and no more than one hour and a half. If you feel that you need more time to make your choices, your personal stylist will do his or her best to accommodate you. Follow up and second appointments require less time, as we keep your fit profile on file for easy and efficient reordering.

Changes to Order

Your order is processed 24 hours after placement therefore if you’ve had a change of heart about any aspect of your suit, you have this window in which to implement those changes. Contact your stylist in order to make changes before your order is communicated to our manufacturing facility, as once your suit in under way, it is no longer possible to do so.


With made-to-measure suiting, upon first delivery, small tweaks are sometimes necessary so please schedule your target date accordingly. If alterations are necessary, we will employ our in-house tailor.  We do not credit or reimburse for any third party tailor. Your fit profile will be updated according to our in-house alteration and filed for future reference.

(*) Currently, our appointment parameters are in the major LA area, 
from Downtown to Malibu, Playa del Rey to Woodland Hills.



Once you choose your fabric and haberdashery during your appointment, we require full payment prior to placing your suit order. After this time, you have 24 hours in which to make changes to design details, excluding sizing changes.

Credit Card Policies

For your convenience, August Fiorin gladly accepts all major credit cards including American Express and Discover.


Any scheduled appointment must be cancelled 24 hours prior to appointment time in order for you not to be charged deposit in full. If you cancel prior to the 24 hour cut-off, we will happily apply your $150 deposit toward your rescheduled appointment. You must reschedule within 30 days otherwise deposit will be absorbed and you must begin a new.


The final price of each garment depends on your design choices. Suits begin at $849, jackets at $649, trousers at $279.

In order for a stylist to come to you, we require a $150 mandatory deposit towards a $600 minimum purchase to receive in-home/office appointment service. Otherwise, come to us at our office for your fitting and the $150 deposit applies toward the final cost of your merchandise.

For International or Interstate travel appointments contact a representative for terms and conditions.


Gift Cards

We do issue gifts cards. Please contact your personal stylist for information.



All items are shipped via DHL. Expected arrival time from ordering is six (6) weeks. Shipping costs vary from garment to garment because all fees are weight-based and dependent on fabric. Please discuss with your stylist at your one-on-one appointment.

Rush Orders

Our standard delivery time is six (6) weeks, however, if you find yourself in a crunch and need your garment sooner, we will likely be able to accommodate you for an additional rush fee of $300. Please discuss your needs and time-frame with your stylist.

Special Occasion

Well-done made-to-measure suiting has never been an impulsive purchase therefore if you have a special occasion, please be aware of our standard delivery time. For special occasion suiting, we prefer to work with you on an eight (8) week delivery schedule.

Return Policy

Due to the customized nature of your garment, we are unable to offer full refunds. If you are not 100% satisfied with it, contact your stylist in order to find a solution. If there is a problem, we will fix it so long as it is design oriented as opposed to a change in body shape.

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