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  • August Fiorin’s first photoshoot of 2015

    Last Summer August Fiorin had its first photo shoot for its long-awaited product release of its men’s Ready-to-Wear & Formalwear Collection. We had worked exhaustingly to finish our pieces, do a photo shoot and deliver images that would help define the brand and to begin the additionally long and exhausting process of building a website that turned into two more photo shoots. Needless to say, our hard work paid off, and the site launched a few weeks ago.

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  • Building August Fiorin

    Building August Fiorin has been a labor of love from day one.  It’s carried us all over the world seeking out the best manufacturers, the best textiles, the best artisans and the best resources possible to create the finest garments in made-to-measure suiting. We knew we could not and would not build it any other way.  Our lengthy search landed us in Europe for every single aspect of our collection, a point of value of which we are extremely proud. We refined and redefined what was possible and ultimately felt confident to stake my name and our reputation on the product we deliver.   Continue Reading

  • has launched.

    Made to Measure: It has been said that “one does not travel simply to arrive” but with that said, it sure does feel good to get there. I am proud to say that at long last, has launched. Continue Reading

  • August Fiorin – 2015 Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride

    On Sunday September 27th 2015, more than 37,232 smartly-dressed gentlefolk in 410 cities from 79 countries will straddle the saddles of their café racers, bobbers, scramblers and other marvellous custom motorcycles to raise awareness and help fund the cure for prostate cancer.
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  • Ready-To- Wear for the Gentleman Rogue

    Fall/Winter 2016 will be the release of our much anticipated Ready-to-Wear Collection. It is a culmination of my years living abroad as a photojournalist, mountaineer and explorer. Form and function meet style in a truly well thought out collection for the active man on the road or in an Urban setting. These will truly be your go to pieces for life. I look forward to sharing our designs. Continue Reading

  • August Fiorin 2015 – Hollywood Hills

    Shooting today with my personal Jedi Master and friend, Lionel Deluy. This was our first attempt at setting the tone visually for the brand and image, and I think we succeeded with the help of our good friend John DeVoe. Bringing his equally cool home in the Hollywood Hills as our backdrop and his personal Swank to our suiting. Thanks to both of you for a fun and productive day.
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